Friday, 9 July 2010


As you can see these are pictures from J Lo's DVD cover promoting her new album. The focus of the DVD cover is "lovie dovie" pictures of herself curling up in a douvet. This

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The feedback we recieved from other groups was in general very good our strongest aspects were the i stop motion, people liked the little Salt and Peppa men and this was one of the main apsects of voyerism which was incorperated into our music video. Other strong aspects were the fast forward of Ruby walking and the individual shots of each of us singing. The things we were told to work on were the lip syncing of the words and the general quality of the video especially the i stop motion, people felt that the odd shot of a hand and the bluetack detracted from the quality and the voyerism.


The iStop Motion was used well with the salt and pepper shakers. The lip synching was in time. The jump cuts and repetition worked well with the song. The action fitted the music.

Feedback from S133

its voyeuristic to watch because it the editing jump cutted to the music.

the visuals/lyrics fitted well especially when the lyrics said SALT AND PEPPER that part you have salt and pepper pots which is really clever.

need to sell the artist at the beginning when all 4 of the group were involved with the PUSH IT bit

thorough editing with lots of camera shots and angles that were varied making it more interesting to watch eg fast forwarding

feedbACK ( :

Good effort with the i-stop motion which is good visuals/Lyrics
Lip syncing was also good, needed a little bit of work on it with the i-stop motion but would be very tough!!
Need to sell the artist- No clear artist and a mismatch of locations.
Voyeurism-Fun to watch, quite quick paced.
Genre Characteristics- Not overly sure of the genre...Pop maybe?
Objectification- well used when Ruby was walking down the corridor and was being moved by the beat.
Intertextuality-Not really any use, but is understandable :)


the lip syncing was a bit off.

the use of reverse play was good and fitted in with the lyrics. the artist was sold well by using the salt and pepper pots. the genre conventions are used well as its quite fast paced music and the video is fast and matches the music and lyrics well.

the intertextuality didn't really link to anything. it looked appealing as it there was a variety of different locations to keep people interested.
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